Filters & Strainers

Fluid Engineering designs and manufactures, simplex and duplex strainers.

Fluid Engineering offers filtration products and services that clearly exceed the expectations of their customers.

Fluid Engineering stocks a large inventory of strainers, valves and connectors, and can supply a wide range of materials from stock-including iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze, and other exotic alloys.

Sunshine Filters is a filter manufacturer dedicated to producing a quality product at a fair market price. Founded in early 1985.

A top quality product
  • Total commitment to customer needs
  • Fair market prices
Parker Finite is a specialist in filter components. Some of the products available from Parker Finite include:


  • ASME Assemblies
  • Conversion Elements
  • Instrumentation Filters
  • Air/Gas Microfiltration
  • F-R-L's

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