Flanged and Butt-Weld Y-Strainers

Cast Flanged Strainers: Butt-Weld Y-Strainers
  • Size Range: 1/2" to 16" (15 mm to 400 mm)
  • Cast Flanged Strainers and Butt-Weld Y-Strainers Available Materials of Construction: Cast Iron (A126-B), Bronze (B62), Carbon Steel (WCB), Low Temp Carcon Steel (LCB, LCC), Chrome-Molly (WC6) and Stainless Steel (CF8M). Screens are 304/316 SS as Standard.
  • Available End Connections: FF, RF or RTJ Flanged in accordance with ASME B16.1 and ASME B16.5. Buttweld (BW) in accordance with ASME B16.25.

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