Fluid Engineering Backwashing Strainers

Automatic Backwashing Strainers - The Eliminator and The Hyper-Jet
  • The Eliminator automatic backwashing strainer by Fluid Engineering utilizes the latest technology in backwash strainer design.
  • Operating on a backwash system, which is continuous and/or controlled by an automatic control system the Eliminator, cleans itself.
  • A tubular backwash assembly rotates in close contact with the internal screen element isolating only a small portion of the element at any given time.
  • Debris is removed by a backwash suction flow which carries unwanted debris away from the internal straining
  • The Eliminator automatic self-cleaning strainers are particularly effective in fluid applications where unattended service, high solids loading and /or uninterrupted flow requirements deem a basket strainer and its attendant maintenance problems impractical. The eliminator cleans the straining element with a patented outside to in process using an external backwash flow.

    The Hyper-Jet adds spray nozzles to aid in backwash cleaning cycle. On fluid piping systems, which demand added cleaning abilities due to application requirements, the Hyper-Jet provides continuous uninterrupted debris removal. The Hyper-Jet is very effective in system applications where operating pressure is low (under 5 psig) or where the system debris has particularly difficult removal characteristics.


  • Eliminator Automatic Backwashing Strainers

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