Model AO High Pressure Desiccant Dryer

High Pressure Desiccant Dryer Model AO
  • Desiccant dryer operates with adjustment from zero to 100% of rated flow rate.
  • Contamination is eliminated by reactivation sweep of pre-dried process gas.
  • Reactivation completely independent of process gas flow rates. Uniform and complete reactivation is assured regardless of demand for dry gas.
  • No interruption to gas flows during tower changeover.
  • Electric reactivation with heaters located to assure high efficiency and long desiccant dryer life.
  • Each desiccant dryer tower has pressure gauge and temperature gauge indicating reactivation temperature.
  • Flow meter indicates flow of reactivation sweep gas.
  • Towers, piping, and electric components are base mounted for easy access.
  • Welded connections for rugged, leak-proof construction.

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