ORIAD Dryer: Desiccant Dryer

  • Exceptionally low life cycle costs
  • Outstanding efficiency and lowest energy usage of all dryers
  • Continuous pressure dew points of -40 deg. F to -100 deg. F
  • Low watt density heating elements ensure long life
  • Flexible design for "Bottom-Up" installation means no overhead clearance is needed
  • Elements are installed into individual stainless steel heater tubes for added element life, easy access for inspection or replacement and extended desiccant life.
  • PLC & Touch screen control
Energy Savings – ORIAD vs. Pressure Swing

Savings of $20,000 in first year of operation.

  Heatless Pressure Swing   Kemp ORIAD
Capital Equipment Cost $39,000   $52,000
Electricity Cost for Heater     $12,000
Compressor Cost for Purge Air $36,000   $4,200
Total First Year Operating Cost $36,000   $16,000

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