Membrane Air Dryers

Since the late 1930's Novatec has dedicated itself to the purpose of developing and producing industrial equipment which provide:

  • Dependable Service
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Positive, Trouble-free Operation
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Ease of Maintenance

Novatec has brought this same level of commitment to the design of their complete line of membrane air dryers.

The Novatec membrane air dryer is capable of providing dew points from +40 to -100F without any moving parts, maintenance, electrical power or desiccant.

Depending upon your flow requirements a single membrane or a packaged air dryer system can be supplied. Air dryer systems include the required prefiltration allowing us to provide our clients with a 2-year warranty on the membranes.

These membrane air dryer systems are ideally suited for applications where clients are looking for a low maintenance alternative to desiccant dryers or refrigerated type dryers.

Novatec, Inc. serves industry with a complete line of air and gas dryers, dehumidifiers and loaders along with associated monitoring equipment and pneumatic material conveying systems.

Each Novatec industrial product has gained an international reputation for fine tuned performance and economy, the result of continued research and development by the company.

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