Molecular Sieve Desiccants

  • Final polishing layer in internally heated desiccant dryers (-40°F & -100°F)
  • Applications involving the exclusion of certain molecules from the adsorption surface, e.g. drying natural gas with minimal odorant removal
  • Liquid drying applications (ethanol, methanol, etc)
  • Superior performance when the air has been pre-dried, often used at the outlet end of the heatless dryer vessel when air must be dried to very low dew points (-100°F range)
  • Higher adsorption capacity at lower relative humidity than either activated alumina or silica gel
  • Lower adsorption capacity at high relative humidity
  • Requires higher temperature for regeneration than does silica gel or activated alumina
  • "Sieves" molecules based on size and configuration thus molecular sieves are used to adsorb specific molecular types
  • CNG II – Molecular Sieves designed specifically for natural gas applications

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