Silica Gel Desiccant

  • Premium grade is sifted for precise bead size and formulated for optimal moisture removal for critical applications
  • Extended Life Grade is best suited for heat regenerative dryers where high heat and humidity may age industrial grades
  • Industrial Grade is the desiccant of choice for most air drying applications
  • High adsorption capacity over a wide range of RH provides optimal moisture removal
  • High crush strength and low abrasion loss minimizes dusting due to handling and press swings in heatless air dryers to yield superior desiccant life and limit product contamination
  • Uniform bead size prevents clogging of manifolds and screens and minimizes bed pressure drop
  • Wide pore size distribution enhances desorption, an important product characteristic for heatless air dryer applications
  • Alumina regenerates easily at low temperatures making it well suited for heatless air dyers
  • Industrial grade Activated Alumina will hydro-thermally "age" more rapidly when exposed to high heat at high humidity. For heated dryers use extended life grade, it is re-hydration resistant, making it thermally resistant

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